How to Get Support

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To receive support from KeepKey, the primary method is through our official Discord channel. Discord is a comprehensive platform designed to connect people in various communities. It's a place where you can engage in conversations, exchange ideas, and find answers to your questions. Most importantly, it's the gateway to direct support from the KeepKey team.

KeepKey Support Channel

How to Open a Ticket

On Discord, you can easily open a support ticket in the Contact Support room. Simply click the Contact Support button and a dialog box will appear for you to fill out with the details of your issue.

Open Ticket

Understand the Support Channels

Be aware that KeepKey support members will never initiate direct messages first. If you are approached by a user requesting information or to share your screen, you can confirm their legitimacy by checking their tag. Only official KeepKey support members can view the content you post in the support thread, ensuring your privacy and security.

Support Verification